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4x8 Manual Tool Change

Rexmotion 4x8 cnc router manual tool change.

4x8 Manual Tool Change


Starting at $13,995


  • Linear Back side automatic 8-tool changer

  • Air-cooled spindle motor

  • Automatic oiler for bearing rails

  • Helical rack-and-pinion X- and Y- gantry travel

  • Work area (X,Y,Z): 4' x 8' x 7"

  • Vacuum Hold down table - Vacuum NOT included. Sold sperately.

  • Ball screws on Z axis.

  • Precision Rack and Pinion on X and Y Axis.

  • Welded construction on machine frame and gantry

  • 25mm Linear Rails and Bearings

  • Tool touch-off pad for quickly setting Z-axis height

  • 1 Year Warranty

  • 8 hours of training (2-4 hour session)


  • USA Based local support, (Irvine California)

Options: Sold Separately

  • Vacuum hold down pump

  • Dust Collection System

Accessories OptionsSold Separately

  • Additional ISO30 Tool Holders

  • ER Collets

  • End Mills


  • 120"x75"x75"


  • Due to product size, this item must be unloaded with a forklift using 72" long forks with 5,000lbs capacity. Liftgate not available.

Why Choose Rexmotion?

  • Our head staff have been in in the industry for over 20 years

  • We use cnc machines ourselves so we know what you go through

  • Get local knowledgeable support

  • We provide competitive prices

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