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Be productive with our 2 axis cnc bending press brake.

Summer Blow Out! Save $5,000
on our 40 Ton 60" Press.


  • • All steel welded structure, tempering treatment of strong rigidity
    • Set different sizes of punch and die according to tonnage, can be customized according to needs
    • Standard with ESTUN E21 controller, optional with DELEM DA41 controller
    • 2-Axis NC Control :

  • Y-axis controls the positioning of the slider through the travel switch

  • X-axis precision inverter drive back gauge

  • Manually adjustable R, Z1, Z2 axis

  • • Efficient, low noise and accurate hydraulic system BOSCH REXROTH
    • Manual movable back gauge fingers designed from the overall adjustment
    • Use Maofeng Ball screw and linear guide, and the back gauge is positioned accurately
    • Protection covers : Side & Rear safety doors
    • Domestic brand high quality oil cylinder, Japanese NOK oil seal

  • Bending Force: 40 Tons

  • Max Bending Length: 60" (1600mm)

  • Poles Distance:  47.2" (1200mm)

  • Throat Depth: 7.7" (200mm)

  • Beam Stroke: 3.39" (100mm)

  • Max open: 12.59" (320mm)

  • Motor Power 5.5 KW

  • Overall Dimensions: 1800mmx1200x1800

  • Machine Wight: 2700Kgs

  • 1 Year Warranty

  • 8 hours of training (2-4 hour session)

Rexmotion CNC Press Brake 60inch 40 tons.jpg

Model: P60



  • USA Based local support, (Irvine California)

Starting at $17,950

Sale Price $12,950

Options: Sold Separately

  • Additional Tooling Die


  • 70"x60"x75"

Model: P100


Starting at $38,950


  • Due to product size, this item must be unloaded with a forklift using 72" long forks with 4,000lbs capacity. Liftgate not available.

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